Gary Spetz and his artwork have been featured in 111 PBS television episodes to date. These programs pertain to learning watercolor and art travel.

Gary Spetz's Painting Wild Places (72 "paint" episodes)
Gary Spetz's Watercolor Quest  (13 HD "travel" episodes)
Color World with Gary Spetz (13 HD "travel" episodes)
Best of Painting Wild Places (13 HD "paint" episodes)

These programs are broadcast throughout the United States and into parts of Canada via American Public Television (APT) and the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA).  They are presented by MontanaPBS. And they also air in some international television markets, via Janson Media.

Scheduling varies per local PBS station market.  If you do not see Gary's programs in your local listings, please ask your station for the series, by name.  These PBS station's tend to be sensitive to their viewer's "wants."

You can find your local PBS contact information here:



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