A $300.00 deposit is required to hold your place in the class, and it must be submitted at the time of registration.  Registration will be confirmed when the deposit has been received.  If a class is full when your registration is received, you will be contacted immediately to see if you want to be placed on a "waiting list" or change to an other workshop date.  If a class cannot achieve its minimum enrollment size, it will be cancelled 90 days prior  and the deposit (and/or tuition) will be refunded in full, or (at your discretion) transferred to another workshop date.  To avoid the disappointment of a canceled class, please register early.


***Please do not make your airline or train reservations until the class is full and guaranteed -- or within 90 days of the workshop dates, in the event that the class minimum is not met and the workshop is canceled.  We will guarantee the workshop, at least, 90 days prior—earlier if the class minimum has been fulfilled.


The balance of the tuition is due no later than 90-days  before the beginning of the workshop OR once it has been guaranteed (whichever comes first).  Failure to pay your balance on time could result in losing your deposit and being replaced by someone on the "waiting list". 


A $50 processing fee will be withheld for any cancellations prior to a class being guaranteed.  There will be no refund of the deposit after a class has been guaranteed (minimum size fulfilled).  We make the decision to confirm a workshop and guarantee its occurrence, based on enrollment.  We try to do this at the earliest possible date to enable participants to make their travel and lodging arrangements. So, once we give an "ALL GO," we are committed.

Thus, there will be no refund of deposit or tuition within 90 days of the workshop dates OR after the workshop has been guaranteed.  

If a class cannot achieve its minimum enrollment size it will be cancelled prior to February 14th, 2024 and the deposit will be refunded in full, or (at your discretion) transferred to another workshop date.

We sympathize that last minute emergencies, illnesses, or conflicts come up that cannot be controlled.  And while we are truly sorry when these arise, due to our commitment, there is no refund nor transfer for any reason within 90 days of the workshop (or after a workshop has been guaranteed).  In such an unfortunate occurrence, we will "try" to replace a canceled workshopper with someone on the waiting list (but we cannot promise this).  To be fair to all, we are not able to make exceptions.  If this is a concern, we would recommend that you acquire travel insurance.


The tuition fee includes:  workshop instruction, but does not include workshop supplies, lodging, meals, airfare or any other travel expenses.


A supply list will be provided 60 days prior to the workshop.  Please make every effort to come with all of the items on your list.  We will have a limited amount of supplies available for sale, during the workshops.



No video, filming or audio recordings are allowed during the workshop.  Photographs of Gary's demonstrations are permitted at his discretion, and then if taken discretely (and without a flash) so as to not disrupt the demonstration.  No photographs of other participants or of their artwork is permitted without their consent.  Please use good photograph etiquette.


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