Gary's upcoming TV series, Watercolor Quest,
is brought to you by these fine sponsors:


1.   Can you provide me with more information of how you mask?

2.   Do I need your entire art supply list?

3.   Where can I buy a plastic toothpick?

4.   How can I trace my DVD drawing guide on to my watercolor paper?

5.   Why do you list Cadmium Yellow on one of your episodes, but not on your supply list?

6.   How wet do you keep the paints in your palette bins?

7.   Why doesn't my local PBS station carry your program?

8.   Where's the "300 Series" book?

9.   On your DVD page, what do you mean by "clear & sharp freeze-frame ability"?

10. Where do you get the scrubbing brushes that you use?

11. Why do you put masking tape on the watercolor paper's edges?

12. Do you have a beginner's video?